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When I grew up music was the most important of all social currencies. It was truly valuable.

It was why we queued outside record shops to make sure we got records on the day of release; it's why we taped the charts on a Sunday despite the warning that home taping was killing music: it's why we would put up with our dads complaining about not being able to hear the words while the family devoured / endured Top Of The Pops.

It's easy to moan that music is not as good nowadays. That's wrong it can be but when you can stream or click or upload or download, a release's value somehow seems less intense, less precious, less a refection of what you are about.

For me, that value, that connection, the brightness has not diminished one iota so here I am wanting to share my thoughts on probably the greatest pleasure of my life and for that I apologise.

Let's change the world with music.

Ramble on.



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